About Us


Coaches’ Tool Chest was created to help ensure that coaches have the knowledge they need to best serve their student athletes and to position those athletes for success in sport, and in life. At the same time, we make a coach’s life easier. Here’s how:

  1. A coach pays $49 per year to subscribe to our platform. Once per year, they answer questions on different topics. Achieving a passing grade earns them a certificate.
  2. This certificate is turned in each year to whomever tracks the currency of a coach’s PAP requirements. Done annually, there are no other tests that a coach needs to do. Our certificate is approved by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Education and meets the legislated requirements for Lindsay’s Law, Concussion, First Aid, CPR, and Coaching Fundamentals. Additionally, we train and certify coaches with ODE approved professional development for PBIS that focuses on “the why” it is critical that your district coaches understand the consistent framework in your district to best assist student athletes.  
  3. We have a Professional Development component as well – tools and strategies that will help you better serve your student athletes.  The topics will change each year and will cover various subjects such as Mental Health, Athlete Development, and Legal Duties of a Coach.
  4. We provide additional resources too. From your phone or device you will be able to access searchable OHSAA rulebooks and interactive injury assessment flowcharts that can provide additional support, if needed, in the event of an emergency.


Coaches’ Tool Chest will give you an efficient, simple method of ensuring all of your coaches are compliant with their PAP requirements. More than just meeting the legally mandated minimum requirements we add in a professional development piece as well. Our approach of one certificate, once per year makes this possible. Here’s how:

  1. You simply need to ensure that each of your coaches provide you with one of our certificates annually. If you have just this one certificate you will know that the coach is current for all the required pieces –  Lindsay’s Law, Concussion, First Aid, CPR, and Coaching Fundamentals. No more staggered dates to track.
  2. Beyond just those minimums, the coaches will be tested on other content each year. These subjects will vary, but will include topics like Mental Health, Athlete Development, and Legal Duties of a Coach.
  3. We can provide you with feedback on how your coaches have performed to help you determine if you may want to add additional training of your own on a particular subject.

We’d love to hear what you think – good or bad! Let’s make this even better together! Email your thoughts/comments to feedback@coachestoolchest.com. To reach us by phone, please call (513) 486-6463.