The new certification course for 2024-25 school year will be available on April 1.
The course available today applies for the current 2023-24 year.


Getting Started

You must have a current subscription to access the test. The school year that the test applies to is shown in the button on the home page that says “Get Certified”. Your certificate of completion, and your subscription will be valid through June 30th of the indicated school year. Each year, beginning in March a new version of the test, with updated content, will be available online. That new test will then apply to the school year starting in the upcoming August.

Taking the Test

Starting from the Home page. Click “Get Certified”

  • You will be taken to the “Progress Hub”. Here you will see there are multiple sections that make up the complete test. Each section will begin with a page that contains the applicable educational content that will give you the information needed to answer the questions. You may read, or view that content before answering questions. Or, if you feel you know a particular subject well, you can scroll past it and go directly to the questions. 
  • Each section has a different number of questions and a different number of correct answers to pass (as shown). The number of correct answers needed will vary. If the subject is CPR (or Lindsay’s Law, Sudden Cardiac Arrest), for example, you must get them all correct. Other subjects will typically require 80% correct.
  • After answering all the questions in a section, you will be shown the questions which you got wrong. If you passed the section, you will also be given the correct answer(s). If you missed enough questions that you failed the section, you will be shown which questions you missed – but not given the correct answers. You will be then given a chance to review the educational content and answer those questions correctly.

Navigating Through the Sections

Depending on the section, there may be multiple pages of questions. Clicking “Continue” advances you to the next page of questions.

  • Once you have passed a section, clicking continue takes you to the “Progress Hub”. Here you can see how many sections you have completed, and how many remain. You also have a choice to make. Clicking “Start/Resume” will take you to the next section. Clicking “Save Progress and Exit” will log you out. Next time you log in, you will resume at the point you left off.
  • Once the entire test is successfully completed, you will see two large green buttons near the bottom of the page. You can download, or email, a copy of the certificate to your AD or other designated person. You are done until next year!