General Faq

1. What is Coaches' Tool Chest (CTC)?

CTC is a web-based certification program. It can be custom designed to provide your athletic coaches the ability to complete all their certification requirements in a single place. Example topics that can be included are: First Aid, CPR, AED training, Coaching Fundamentals and Mental Health Training. We build the platform to meet the requirements of your state or association. We can also add content to meet unique school or district requirements.

2. Can an athletic administrator access information or completed certificates?

Yes. We provide a login for District Administrators to check the status of coaches testing or download a copy of the coach's certificate. We also link directly with FinalForms.

3. How is the content for the modules developed?

We work with the best in the business! Our medical content is created in collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Medical Center (2023 US News and World Report #1 Children's Hospital in the USA). Our coaching skills content is created through our partnership with Michigan State University's Institute for Youth Coaching. All of the content is written through the lens of a coach.

4. We are a youth group - do you have training to cover our coaches?

Yes, we have worked with youth groups to create specific content for volunteer youth coaches who need to start with the basics.

5. In our state, coach education is mandated by the Department of Education or the Department of Health. Can you work with those groups to get approval for this training?

Yes. We will work directly with representatives from the appropriate government agencies to ensure 100% compliance for coaches. We want to ensure coaches have a true one-stop-shop for their mandated training. This approach saves the coach, athletic administrator, and district personnel time and resources, year after year.

6. Can I get an example of what a custom platform could look like?

Yes. We will build you an example, at NO CHARGE, and present it to you for feedback. We do not want you to commit to something until you are sure it meets ALL of your training needs in one platform.

7. What is the cost on an ongoing basis?

Every situation is different in terms of the number of modules, how often a coach needs training BUT our goal is that we will be more cost effective than the current method you are using. We will show the numbers!

8. What is my next step?

Call us at 513-378-4445 or email us at

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We are extremely happy with how easy the platform has made our coaching certification process. Thanks for all that you are doing to make our lives easier.

— Evan Ivory, West Carrollton School District Athletic Director

Thank you for sending this over! I love the CTC platform and it makes my job that much easier!

— Kyle Sasala, St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School, Athletic Director

Coaches Tool Chest has streamlined the process for coaches to get certifications in a timely and cost-effective manner. From an administrative side, it has greatly improved our ability to have a “one-stop” shop to track certifications and ensure coaches’ compliance.

— Dan Beckenhaupt, Oak Hills Local School District Director of Human Resources

We are all set to implement this District wide. So many pros to this way of certification and training from the time saved by coaches and our department to the great content.

— Kregg Creamer, Tippecanoe Athletic Director

By the way, your course is more informative, well organized, and much more convenient than the old method of madness!

— Todd Schulte, Delphos St. John’s Athletic Director

We love this process! Thank you for bringing this to our school – it has helped get our coaches all squared away well in advance of the season for the first time ever and saves me so much time and worrying.

— Tracey Tomaselli, Port Clinton High School Athletics Administrative Assistant

Thank you and your team for bringing an organized approach to coaches certification. CTC not only better ensures compliance but is quality professional development – every year.

— Desiree Powell, Cleveland Metro School District Athletic Director

I just took the course. It was the most useful professional development for coaches I have seen. We will be implementing this going forward. Thank you.

— Eric Goodwin, Coldwater Exempted Village Schools, Athletic Director